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Better Than Sex Desserts Restaurant is a special place where you can connect with those you love. Our intimate dining room is beautiful, our desserts meant to share, and our chocolate rimmed wine glasses an experience all by themselves. We are the perfect spot for your date night out, a special occasion, or time with a few friends.

A Few Of Our Highlights

French Kiss

In true French Passion, Ayala Champagne exudes romance in a caramel covered wine glass topped with bruleed sugar

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Better Than Sex Desserts

Popcorn Pimp Cheesecake

Rich, Smooth, & Airy...just how we like our men. This cheesecake exposes itself freely while resting on top of a sweet sugar cookie dough crust. His velvet creamy filling gets tickled & poked with pieces of salted popcorn chocolate bark. Daddy will give you whatever you want as we've buttered him up with a blanket of our house made caramel sauce.

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Better Than Sex Desserts

M ore than just the sexiest dessert restaurant —anywhere— Better Than Sex is the spot for romance. Sophisticated elegance surrounds our tables & booths, setting the scene for intimate social intercourse. Chef Dani’s award-winning sweets & signature adult dessert drinks are sure to stimulate more than just your palate. We suggest weekends, Especially on weekends and holidays, but what happens with the rest of the night is up to you...

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  • best dessert orlando
    Romantic, intimate and delicious! This is by far the best dessert restaurant in the Orlando area! My wife and I had already been to the Key West location several times before the Orlando location opened and we have always left highly satisfied! No pun intended. They not only make the most decadent desserts and drinks but the service is always on par. Any dessert lover will be in heaven here. At this point we have not been disappointed by a single one. The "Morning After" is still my favorite but the Banana Bazooka is a close second. If you're lucky to go in when they have the red velvet cheesecake available, try it, it's my wife's favorite! The caramel and chocolate rimmed wine and beer is just another favorite which is a dessert all on its own! I highly recommend Better Than Sex to any dessert loving, beer/wine drinking person that wants a unique experience that will keep you coming back for more! (reviewed Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant Key West - Trip Advisor)
  • orlando date night dessert
    Most incredible ambience, absolutely insanely decadent and fabulous desserts and great service! Always makes for a wonderful and entertaining evening out whether it's a date or girls' night out! ❤💃(reviewed Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant - Key West)
  • We came here for our two year Anniversary and we loved it. The staff were super polite and knew everything about the menu. We loved everything we ordered and will be back for my bday. If you visiting Orlando you have to visit this place. It's one of our favorites now. (reviewed Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant - Orlando)
  • better than sex Orlando
    This is the perfect, "Let's do something different place" on date night. Creatively delicious desserts (most have a fantastic lil story behind their names) and perfect romantic setting that is sure to inspire great moments. (reviewed Better Than Sex A Dessert Restaurant - Orlando)
  • Orlando Dessert Dining
    3 of my friends and I went here for my birthday, and it was an amazing experience. For I'm the ambiance, to the waitstaff and the food it was an out of the ordinary experience that was worth every single penny! I will definitely be taking others here or spending anniversaries here. Love love love this place! I'd highly recommend! (reviewed Better Than Sex A Dessert Restaurant - Orlando)   
  • orlando date night dessert
    Classy upscale nookie spot with low lighting. Only serving deserts and deserts themed drinks. Candles on each table gives it a very romantic theme. Each table is private and intimate. Their menus are on an iPad so it's easy to read and view with large photos demonstrating the texture of their desserts. The desserts and drinks all have a sexual theme and the ingredients used are very much authentic and rich on flavor. I had a "sex appeal "which was moscato with white chocolate and pink sugar  around the rim . My spouse had a "kiss me Katie " which was burnt sugar and caramel with luc Belaire rose. We shared a key lime pie with orange blossom crust and while chocolate. The experience was romantic , great for late night desert and drinks and of course great for couples. The servers were friendly and they discussed the history of the place and gave good recommendations. Definitely a must visit spot when in key west! (reviewed Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant - Key West)  
  • Better Than Desserts
    Sexy, romantic atmosphere. A dessert experience like nowhere else! Exceptional service, and the drinks and food were over the top amazing! (reviewed Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant Key West)
  • Better Than sex testimonial
    Loved the atmosphere, desserts and cocktails. A unique experience. Can’t wait to try the one in Key West in the Spring. Our server was awesome as well. Just felt the tables for 2 were very small and a bit uncomfortable. We did make a reservation. (reviewed Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant - Orlando)
  • Better Than Sex
    Wow!  I absolutely love this place.  I went here with my boyfriend on his birthday and again a few months later we took my aunt when she came into town.  Besides the fact that a dessert restaurant is a cool idea - the desserts were actually amazing!  After two visits I think the 'Cookie nookie'  or 'The Fever' was my favorite.  Talk about decadent!  I would not recommend having dinner before coming here though - it's pretty filling.  What else?  The ambiance is very romantic and cozy, each booth makes you feel as though you are in your own private island - curtains, cushions, low lights all serve to create a comfortable environment where you feel like, yes, you are being totally spoiled.  Very much looking forward to returning next time we are in Orlando. (reviewed Better Than Sex Orlando - Yelp)
  • Better Than Sex
    My best friend and I went on a girls night. We were running late but they were nice enough to still accommodate us. The atmosphere is relaxing, sexy, and different but in a good way. The desserts and wine were to die for. If you are shy about sexuality or blush easily this isn't the place for you. They do not say or do anything out of line by comment would be more for the prudes of the world. Would definitely go again. (reviewed Better Than Sex Orlando - Yelp)