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We bet you're a bit like us and are wondering "a dessert restaurant?" We do have one main course, our house made desserts. We also have one of the most original signature drinks in the world, the "rim job." (Your favorite wine or beer served in a chocolate or caramel rimmed glass) Our atmosphere is cozy with our own sexy radio station playing, perfect for a special celebration. And unlike most restaurants, the majority of our tables have a curtain, knee-wall, or booth in between them for some level of privacy. The end result is way more than just desserts, it is an experience designed to provoke the senses though connection.

We're not sure if this is for you but would you enjoy a restaurant that focuses on smaller parties and couples? Our dining rooms only have a hand full of tables with the largest designed to comfortably seat up to four guests. We shy away from large parties and anything that may compromise our ambiance. 

How open-minded are you to innuendo? Our dining rooms are tastefully decorated with "lovers art," partial nude profiles, and the menu written to play on the theme. Plus is it dimly lit inside.

When would be a good time to make a reservation? Weekends are the busiest, especially Saturdays. Holiday weekends and during local events are busier and most likely will need a reservation. Valentine's Day books out about 3-4 weeks in advance. Weekdays between 6-8pm year round have more walk-in availability, but walk-ins are always welcome if space is available. Reservations are accepted online or by speaking to one of us directly up to 30 calendar days in advance. 

Can you do us small favor? If you are celebrating something or have a special request call us directly. The empty notes section on the reservation widget do not always translate your request and may be missed. Also, to-go orders can take up to 25 minutes and availability may be limited depending on dine-in volume.