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Q: What is the concept? What can I expect my experience to be like?

A: Everything about us is designed for intimacy on a smaller scale. Our dining rooms are small with only a handful of tables. Most of them have a curtain, small wall or a booth in between them for a little privacy. The majority of our tables can only seat up to 2 guests by design as we are not a big party place. We don't have a bar which helps keep things relaxed. The room is dimly lit by chandeliers and candlelight with our curated radio station playing in the background. 

Your experience will touch all of your senses. Even if you aren't a big sweet eater you will enjoy the ambiance, our sexy artwork, and our fantastic service. Our desserts are large enough to share and we invented the concept of putting chocolate or caramel on a wine glass. Our kitchen is small too, which is  another reason why we shy away from large parties. However, this actually allows our staff to ensure our desserts look and taste perfect when they hit your table.

Our goal is for you to leave wanting to share your experience with others and thinking of us anytime you want a relaxed, special night out. 

Q: Do you accept or require reservations for dessert?

A: We accept reservations up to 30 calendar days in advance. We always suggest them as our dining rooms are quite small and get busy after sunset, on weekends, and around holidays or local events.  If you are looking to join us last minute we suggest calling us to see how busy our wait list is or make a booking online. (Online availability is the same as calling direct)

Q: Do you take walk-ins?

A: We gladly welcome walk-in guests if space is available. If we are full we can text you when available tables become ready by placing your name on the wait list when you come in or over the phone. Sometimes when we are full we can seat walk-ins if a reservation does not show. We hold reserved tables for up to 15 minutes then seat them with waiting guests in our lobby.

Q: What's the largest reservation you accept?

A: Up to 4.  The majority of our tables can only seat up to 2 guests with just a handful that can seat up to 4 guests. We do not hold tables near each other or take large party reservations after 6pm as we are simply too small and it compromises the quality of our products, service and ambiance. 

Q: I booked more than one table for a larger group online, can we be sat near each other?

A: If you change it to 6pm, as that is the only time where tables next to each other are empty, yes! Other times are sat as booked and separated as in most cases tables near each other don't get up at the same time.  

Q: Are kids allowed?

A: We are for adults, preferably over 16, please. 

Q. Can I just get stuff to go?

A. Yes, but call as offerings vary by location and business volume. Our kitchens are small, like our space, so on busy nights, we hold some items for our dine-in guests & reservations. Keep in mind that during busy times to-go orders can take up to 25 minutes.