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We know you're wondering....

So how does Better Than Sex work?

We are a full service dessert restaurant where you lose yourself in a sexy atmosphere thoughtfully created to encourage conversation while you indulge in chocolate rimmed drinks and house-made desserts. The intimate dining room feels like a speakeasy with curated music, tantalizing aromas, and dim lighting. Most tables are private on three sides allowing you to share a special moment. 

Do I need reservations?

Sometimes. Weekends, holidays, and local events do entice our guests to break free from their routines and look for something different. Plus we only have a handful of tables. Reservations are accepted 30 calendar days in advance either through our website or by directly speaking to one of us. Valentine's Day, and the days around it, reservations are a must.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, if space is available. Walk-in guests are sat on a first come basis if we have empty tables that are not being held for a reservation. If we are on a wait or booked, we can take your info and text you when tables become available during the night. (You can call ahead to get on a wait list) Typically, we hold reserved tables for up to 15 minutes then release them to waiting guests.

How many people can I bring in?

Our largest table comfortably seats up to 4, maybe with a tight squeeze 5 guests. Most tables are built for only 2 and almost all tables have a wall or privacy curtain in between for some level of intimacy. This prevents us from pulling tables together or sitting larger groups next to each other. If you are reading this and are a part of a larger group we suggest calling direct to avoid the surprise of your group being split up and not near each other.

What’s the dress code?

Clothes. Please wear them and keep them on. Many of our guests dress smart casual to celebrate their night with us. However, we will love you as you are. We also ask that you adhere to our "kiss when tempted to shout" code. That is, use your speakeasy voice.

Is it appropriate for children?

We are designed for open minded adults. Sex is in our name so expect some innuendo and tasteful erotic art that is not suited for children.  We will ask you to remove any guest, including an adult, from the dining room that is disturbing the enjoyment of others.

Do you have a bar?

 We do not have a bar to maintain our relaxed atmosphere. We do have unique chocolate and caramel rimmed drinks, wine, beer, and coffees. We also have delicious house made cocktails, liquors, and non-alcoholic specialties. 

Do you sell dessert to go?

We offer a limited to-go menu based on volume and availability. Some desserts travel better than others too. Please call direct for availability as the online menu does not reflect to-go options.

What do you do for special occasions?

We love special occasions and are the perfect place for that intimate anniversary, honeymoon celebration, a birthday, or that something special with a few friends. We can customize your plate with a greeting written in chocolate. Just drop us a note with your reservation.