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How many New Year’s resolutions make it past the first week? Maybe, if you add that resolution to a Valentine’s Day party plus a new wife’s answer to “What’s for dessert?” and call the result, Better Than Sex…







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For our New Year Resolution in 2008, Len and I made a written agreement…. This became a personal life goals list that each of us committed to and signed on January 16th, 2008. Well, number seven of that agreement was to open our own restaurant by October of 2008. We not only followed through on our resolution, we exceeded it, by opening Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant on May 20th, 2008 in Key West Florida.

So, that year we learned, that lists do work, agreements can work, if you believe it, you can and will make it happen. Seeing your goals on paper, and having a partner that holds you accountable is also inspiration in itself. From that day forward we chose to “Live the Dream” and go for it!

Since then, Better Than Sex has grown with a second location in Orlando, Florida that we opened in December of 2015. Now, we are ‘going for it’ by offering Franchises to couples like us, and those who are passionate about our heart-to-table concept.

-Founders, Dani & Len Johnson




The dream began in 2003 …. And it all started with Len exclaiming to his new wife…. “I want dessert.” Four hours later, after hearing “Where’s my dessert?” a million times, Dani brought out a fully decorated 2 layer Oreo Cream Cake for her new Hubby. Len Pronounced, “ ‘Wow’, if you can do this what else can you do.” Never letting go of a challenge, Dani took him up on the offer and began teaching herself and baking her little heart out at home (after all she had her own tasting panel…), recording all of her recipes, saving the receipts, taking photos of everything etc. Not knowing for the first three years why she was doing this, but something inside said she should. Then in 2006 Len and Dani threw a Valentine’s day dessert party at their house and rolled out the “Dessert Menu” for the Restaurant to all their friends who attended. None of them knew anything about the Dream. Len and Dani wanted completely unbiased reactions. Overwhelmingly they responded… “You should do this for a living”. This is exactly what husband and wife team; Dani & Len had intended to do and their friends were the Guinea pigs!

We invite all you pleasure seekers to come in and fulfill your desires of a decadently sophisticated sexy dessert dining experience.The concept is like no other.A brilliant combination of romance and playfulness that makes our guests smile, connect and reminisce.

Better Than Sex Desserts

With the best date night experience including desserts & drinks in town, it is easy to keep the passion of life and love alive.

More than just the sexiest dessert restaurant —anywhere— Better Than Sex is the spot for romance. Sophisticated elegance surrounds our tables & booths, setting the scene for intimate social intercourse.