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Is there anything a couple can do, more sensuous than enjoying a dessert together? Glistening chocolate, gooey caramel intertwine on a delicate pastry bed, teasing you with unexpected surprises to savor slowly…


Sex Appeal

Italy. Sparkling Moscato. White Chocolate Rim. Pink Sugar


Cookie Nookie Pie

Imagine the inside of a warm pecan & chocolate chip cookie wrapped in a flaky pie crust. Vanilla bean ice cream. Caramel & Chocolate drizzle.


The Morning After

Danish brie cheese & dark Belgian chocolate grilled on home style buttered bread kissed with cinnamon sugar. Served snuggled up against a shot of strawberry champagne soup.


Adult Apple

Ephemera Apple Spiced Ale served in a tall beer glass with our signature, Caramel Rim-Job.


Popcorn Pimp Cheesecake

Cheesecake exposes itself while topping a sweet sugar cookie dough crust. It’s creamy filling gets tickled & poked with pieces of salted popcorn chocolate bark under a blanket of our housemade caramel sauce.

The Original “Choco-Cab”

A Chocolate Rim Jobbed wine glass filled with our house cab.

Tongue Bath Truffle

Tickle your tonsils with these flour-less wedgies (gluten free!)…Imagine being inside an extremely dense & rich Belgian chocolate truffle lightened with a cool, refreshing kiss of raspberry sorbet— a real trip around the world.

Man Candy

Fruli strawberry ale in a white & dark chocolate rimmed beer glass.